About Demetria

There is not much to say about Demetria Blacksmith. She grew up in the middle of nowhere with a cemetery in sight from the back garden and a forest nearby… with more tombs and crypts. That alone added to her peculiar personality and She never stopped being the odd one out. 
Her family originated from Transylvania but she actually grew up in the Northern part of Hungary. That being said, She might be a descendant of actual, real-life vampires. That might be the reason why her English could be a bit messed up now and then. 
Her parents were drip-feeding her with Science Fiction and Fantasy as soon as she could walk. Is it any wonder She saw Alien and Terminator before she got a taste of E.T.?
Shealso acquired a childhood obsession with robots, started soon after watching Bicentennial Man and Artificial Intelligence. Both that seem to be very influential to her at an early age. Later this love deepened as She got familiar with the works of Isaac Asimov. Now She has a fairly extended collection of his works.
She is also a huge fan of anything Halloween-related that is fairly obvious by looking at her possessions. Anything in the spirit of a cold October Night makes her heart warm and fuzzy. It is no wonder she developed a charming, yet awkward obsession with Ray Bradbury and his works. 
Another important person of inspiration is Douglas Adams, of course. They became familiar with each other when Demi climbed the family’s bookcase and found the best book in the galaxy.
Yes, You guessed. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Beside feeling an instant connection to the characters, it also sparked her interest in English Culture and Humour. It encouraged her to embark on a life-long journey of self-discovery in a foreign country. She moved to the UK at the ripe age of 19. 
By this time She had one and only publication. It is not much and it was non-fictional, but it seemed promising to be published at the age of 16. Sadly, self-doubt crept in as the first book of her Mother’s science fiction series failed and this made it hard for her to continue writing. She lost hope and inspiration early on.
Fast forward to the future, She is now part-time working for Galactic Hitchhikers. Her title includes Editor, Admin, Field Researcher and Contributor. She also works for the side page, Sub-Etha Channel 42 as the Editorial Assistant.
In her free-time, She is working on a grand book series called Alienated. She has been struggling with it in the last few months but once she untangles the messed up plot, she will be back on track. In the meantime, she attempts to write short stories for publication. 
To support all her artistic endeavour she works at a local shop, making sandwiches. How very Arthur Dent of her. She also lived on Denmark Street. Not the same Denmark Street where the legendary Douglas Adams signing took place at Forbidden Planet, but a Denmark Street nevertheless
We shall see how this all work out for her. If she actually manages to sell any stories, you shall see her publications listed above.