My boys

I thought I would like to start a little writing thread about the men I found extremely connected to for certain reasons. All of these posts will be about one partical person and why I found them inspirational, entertaining and universally attractive.

Now, mind you, I am pretty gay, but these men have a particular place in my heart. The words they use to paint with their imagination, the way they think and talk… It mesmerizes me every time and I feel a mixture of Sadness and Joy when I think about them. Joy, because they were walking the same Earth that I do and looked at the same constellations as I. But Sadness as I will never actually meet with them in real life. All is left for me are the old archive youtube videos, the books they have written and radio material.

And Who are these boys, my Men? There are a few  of them and I will try and dedicate a post for every one of them. But I am sure you will find my thoughts about them fascinating.

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts!


What Do You Think?

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