NaNoWriMo is slowly approaching and I finally just decided on the project I am going to work on.

It is going to be a Fantasy novel… Well, a novel about a fantasy writer who is surprised to end up in her own story. The idea came from looking at stories such as Tenth Kingdom, Games of Thrones and Once Upon a Time. I was thinking about how would the writer feel about their stories if they would actually have to live in them? What would happen if they would have to live their life by the laws of their own creations?

That’s when the idea of this story came to me. I was a bit of a sceptic at first, but now that I had a chance to think it through I realized I could work through this. Now, it seems like a very sweet idea at first, but I can already feel it shaping my own perception as a wanna-be writer. Through the main character I could already see my mistakes and occasional cruelty towards my characters and I slowly understand how much my decisions shape the outcome of the story. It wouldn’t be any different for Maya either. She lived a hard life and she has a dark and misfortunate background story that is already visible in the first few pages. But this background story is the whole basis of the story as she will try and secretly commemorate of it in her entire book series. All the dramatic changes in her real life shape the outcome of her written tales in ways she could never imagine. Would she be proud of what she became in the recent years? Who knows?

The namehas been lurking in my mind for years but I have just researched the background of it. Turns it it will be the perfect name for my dear protagonist and I tell you why. Better, I quote:

Maya or Māyā (Sanskrit māyā) literally means “illusion” and “magic”. However, the term has multiple meanings depending on the context. In earlier older language, it literally implies extraordinary power and wisdom, in later Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”. In Indian philosophies, Māyā is also a spiritual concept connoting “that which exists, but is constantly changing and thus is spiritually unreal”, and the “power or the principle that conceals the true character of spiritual reality”.

In Buddhism, Maya was the name of Gautama Buddha‘s mother. Maya is also the name of a manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of “wealth, prosperity and love”, in HinduismMaya or Mya is also a name used by Muslims. In an Arabian and IndianPakistani context the meaning of the name Mya is ‘princess’ or ‘honourable matriarch‘. In the Nepali language, “Maya” means “love.”…Another origin for the name Maya is the Tupi language spoken by Brazilian native indians, meaning “Mother”, and Mayara, meaning “Grandmother”. “

I found this fascinating as I unconciously named her  “Great Mother” as her alter ego in her own books. A goddess who is responsible for her own “children”, someone who is always there to listen to your problems.

So it is decided. For a while, the book is going to run under the title ‘Maya’ until I find the One True Title.

A few more days until NaNo. Time to confirm the names of he other main characters, including the antagonist, and then we could crack on with this baby.


What Do You Think?

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